Summer program - City foxes

A special summer program at the International kindergarten “VRAPČIĆI”

“The City Fox takes Belgrade”

Children do not need an oasis in order to play. They want to explore and take an active part in their surroundings!

Come with me! Let’s discover the city together!

City foxes meet people, observing professionals as they go about their business,

They discover urban animals in all of the city’s nooks and crannies,

They imbue the city with life and color. 

We speak in English throughout the day, do sports every day, visit city parks, and once a week we go on an outing!

City Foxes on the road

We want to experience nature with our entire bodies—perception, color, movement, smell, and sound are all of great importance. It is now that we are just getting to know what is to become our lifelong dreams. Together we watch the seasons turn, we accompany the children as they make their discoveries, helping them make sense of the stories, songs, and rituals, all the while communicating in English!

Children explore the environment using their senses. The world is open for them to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and experience it. Where better than the great outdoors to appropriately exercise, develop, and engage one’s senses? While remaining in the city, we venture outdoors every day. At the same time, we place a great deal of emphasis on a sense of community. Children should participate in the activities, be involved, and be allowed to hone their exploratory instincts.

As the name “City Foxes” suggests, we’re on the lookout for anything crawling, scampering, or sprouting in the city. In our immediate vicinity there are numerous parks and infinite ways to familiarize ourselves with nature; however, we choose to do more than just explore our immediate environment, and once a week we organize outings where we visit other Belgrade neighborhoods as well.

Equipped with a magnifying glass, discovery box and bottle, we collect natural objects, filling our backpacks with pebbles, snail shells, and conifer cones. These natural materials serve both as unstructured play and craft materials. We want to guide children through the basic principles of design, while encouraging them to be creative and to experiment.

The City Fox takes Belgrade

In harmony with nature

Several factors combine to comprise environmental awareness. The foundation is an awareness of our surroundings, and knowledge of animal and plant life, ecosystems, and challenges facing the environment. Children should learn how to connect with nature, appropriately for their age. Knowing about the environment engenders a pro-environmental attitude, which in turn ensures ecological behavior. When children are aware of the importance of a clean environment, they are much less likely to litter. At “VRAPČIĆI”, children are encouraged to explore and arrive at answers about ecological processes, based on age-appropriate examples and information. We observe flora and fauna, we admire it, identifying it as needed, but we never damage or destroy.

We always leave nature as we found it!

The City Fox takes Belgrade

Get to know our wonderful city, filled with interesting spots, buildings, monuments, museums, and people. Tell your friends about all the things you have learned while conquering beautiful Belgrade, so that they, too, will know more about their surroundings. Commit to memory, make notes, and recount your experiences through storytelling and crafts.

Our special summer program “The City Fox takes Belgrade” includes the following:

  • Daily communication in English
  • Daily sports activities with a duration of 2 hours
  • Daily outdoor stay in parks or in the yard
  • Healthy, tasty meals
  • Thematic workshops (cooking, calligraphy, crafts, and much more)
  • Weekly outings with a view to discovering the magic of our city

Come and join our friendly skulk of City Foxes!

The City Fox takes Belgrade

International kindergarten Vrapčići

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07:30 – 18:00

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