Our kindergarten and daycare is a place where children first gain admission to the exciting world of learning. Their education begins here. To us, education is just as important as playing and socializing. That is why our curriculum is rich and encompasses linguistic, academic, cultural and physical education-everything that is needed for one’s comprehensive development.

We want to ensure that our "little sparrows" have everything we can envision children want at that age, to make sure they develop well-rounded and open-minded personalities, to grow up to be self-assured people familiar with different languages and cultures, and with every chance and opportunity for continuing their education at the best educational institutions in Serbia and the world!



English is spoken exclusively in our kindergarten, every day and at all times. We communicate in English, we play and sing songs in English. Our educators demonstrate to the children everything they talk about. In this way, children learn to form sentences themselves, and eventually begin to speak English naturally, as their second language.

We actively teach the German language as well. We have designed a special program for your children in order to spark their interest in acquiring German through classes, play and socializing. In this way, they adopt new words and learn the language without any difficulty. Within months your child will have learned many new words in German and will have adopted colloquial German phrases.

In our kindergarten, children can get a solid foundation in Chinese, offered as an elective activity.

In “Vrapčići”, children learn acting, singing, dancing and ballet, and practice sports and martial arts.


Have a look at what’s in store for your child should you opt for our program.


We implement a program that encourages cognitive, social, spiritual, emotional and physical growth and development at the kindergarten. We encourage and teach children to communicate through every medium, as well as to express themselves artistically, through movement, music and art. Here, children are free to play and work, move, take care of their environment, communicate with friends and adults, and acquire various skills.

Moms and dads keep abreast of the growth and progress of their “little sparrows” in the kindergarten through the following:

  • dialogue with parents
  • regular reports and child progress records
  • direct dialogue with educators and expert associates

During the learning process, children are not criticized, because every child in each educational group is entitled to their own view of the world. At the same time, however, we work with the child’s family to ensure that shared values are cultivated in terms of upbringing, both in the kindergarten and in the family.

With this approach, we support the natural desire of children to learn, develop their critical thinking and individuality in the learning process.



Our motto is “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Our goal is to ensure preventive healthcare for the children, to foster in them a culture of health and a motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why our teachers do calisthenics with the children every morning, and why the children go for a walk every day. This is a supplement to our sports program.

Special attention is given to the children’s healthy diet regime, because, beside physical activity, this is the basis for both their health and their progress in learning. The diet in our kindergarten is based on healthy, tasty products obtained from certified producers. We put a lot of care into the food we offer to children. Our chef, with whom we’ve been cooperating for many years, creates our menus under the supervision of a licensed nutritionist. The daily menu is adapted to the children‘s age and the caloric value of the meal. Emphasis is on fruits and vegetables, in addition to fish. We use low-fat foods, and place a lot of importance on our children developing an understanding of the food they eat, and of why it’s important to eat a fresh carrot every now and then.

The complete diet in the kindergarten is divided into 4 meals, and it includes a healthy breakfast and snack (porridge and fruit), soups, cooked meals and salads. Fried and artificial meals have been excluded from the diet. The menu is made every 10 days, and parents can get acquainted with the contents of the menu on a daily basis.



The goal of the preschool program is to work systematically in order to ensure continuity in upbringing and education, and to encourage the child’s comprehensive development through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and habits for future academic excellence. The main task of the preschool program is the development and enhancement of the child's physical, emotional and cognitive potential, with an emphasis on the socialization of children.

International kindergarten Vrapčići

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