Educating children about traffic safety

Educating children about traffic safety as a regular, year-round activity

Educating children about traffic should start at a very early age.

While kindergarten-age children are able to distinguish between different traffic signs, distracted crossing of the road remains the mistake they are most likely to make when participating in traffic.

In order to help minimize the number of children injured in traffic accidents, Internacional kindergarten "Vrapčići" uses contemporary learning materials and play to educate your little ones about safe conduct in traffic.
Learn about traffic safety in Internacional kindergarten Vrapčići Belgrade


Through traffic education workshops, we strive to improve the safety of children as participants in traffic.
The workshops use storytelling and play to teach children about traffic signs and regulations, which is later applied IN PRACTICE.
We help children practice getting around in public space.
Children learn how to use pedestrian crosswalks.
Our children wear special high visibility vests to make them easily discernible by drivers.

We also have plans to arrange for a visit from police officers who would talk to children and provide them with firsthand information about why one needs to be an attentive participant in traffic …

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