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Dear parents residing in the neighborhoods of Vračar, Neimar, Čubura, Dedinje, Autokomanda, Savski venac, Novi Beograd...

There are over 25 different private and international kindergartens in Vračar, Dedinje, Autokomanda, etc., all offering specific programs for your child.

We know that choosing a kindergarten is not an easy decision.

Have a look at what’s in store for your child should you opt for our program.

Appropriate early childhood development is crucial, since how we “mould” the child during this period will stay with them for life.

Although this has been a point of discussion for a long time, the majority of people are unfortunately unaware why the early years are of such importance. They are therefore unable to make the connection between, on the one hand, problems emerging in adulthood, whether in relationships, health, or at work, and, on the other hand, the roots of these issues in early childhood.



We speak in English throughout the day.

We communicate in English; we play and sing songs in English. Out teachers make sure to point out to the children everything they talk about. In this way, the children learn how to formulate utterances themselves, and, over time, begin to speak English naturally, as their second language.

Iskra Branković conceives of, designs, performs, and, takes delight in these workshops, together with the children.

After two years spent in “Vrapčići”, it is our wish for your child to be able to speak English almost as if they were growing up in an English-speaking country, that is, the same way a little Brit or American of the same age might.

Our children also actively learn the German language as well, through classes, play and socializing. That way, they adopt new words and acquire the language without any difficulty. Within months, your child will have learned many new words in German and will have adopted colloquial German phrases.

Thanks to our collaboration with the Confucius Institute, children can get a solid foundation in Chinese, offered as an elective activity in our kindergarten.


Our goal is to ensure preventive healthcare for the children, to foster in children a culture of health and a motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle.

That is why our teachers do calisthenics with the children every morning, and why the children go for a walk every day.

Igor Krstin, Director of the “Žandarmerija” Karate Club, one of the most successful karate clubs in Serbia, runs the sports and karate workshop for the little ones.

Alongside Igor, training sessions are held by members of the national karate team and students of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, with extensive experience in working with children of pre-school and elementary-school age.

How does sport affect your child?

✔ It increases the child’s self-confidence;
✔ It enhances their social skills;
✔ It teaches the child about winning and losing;
✔ It improves the child’s discipline and emotional self-control;
✔ It emphasizes team work from an early age...

The list of reasons why it is good for your child to do sports certainly doesn’t end here. Rather, we have listed only the most important ones.

Saznajte ko sve radi sa decom u vrtiću Vrapčići na Vračaru


Dance and ballet lessons are held in our kindergarten by Principal Dancer and Director of the National Theater Ballet, choreographer, as well as Principal Dancer of the Ballet of the Shevchenko Theater in Kiev, Konstantin Kostyukov.

The program is based on the methods of renowned ballet pedagogue from St. Petersburg, Agrippina Vaganova, transmitting to the children the methodology of the Russian classical form.

Ballet and dance classes with Konstantin Kostyukov are held in our kindergarten 2 times a week.


Children are natural-born actors. From the early months, they perform their vivid monologues and imagined dialogues. The drama group is an opportunity for children to free themselves of any performance anxiety and do what they already know how to do so well, namely swim in the infinite sea of the imagination. Her Imperial Majesty, the Imagination, the Empress of Childhood, is especially developed and comes to the forefront in drama workshops. It is here that, through various roles and dramatic situations, children express their thoughts and emotions, find solutions, and realize their own ideas. In this way, they build confidence, and feel that they can embark into the unknown; this is a new challenge for them.

In acting classes, children will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the basics of acting technique, concentration exercises, breathing exercises, speech articulation and other exercises necessary for basic stage movement and play.

Acting classes are held twice a week in our kindergarten.

International kindergarten Vrapčići is located in Belgrade city center, in a beautiful house in a quiet part of Vračar, right next to Neimarski Park.

We offer "door-to-door" transportation of children from anywhere in Belgrade.
The transport of children is carried out in full compliance with the relevant regulations and safety measures.

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In addition to our regular music education program, offered twice per week, starting in September 2019, we will offer music workshops based on an exclusive program held by Oleg Kireyev, world-famous saxophonist and the first Russian musician to combine ethnic jazz motifs with folk instruments.

He has released 15 jazz albums, and his “Mandala” album has been nominated for a Grammy Award for best contemporary jazz album.

This passionate world-renowned artist will hold music workshops during which children will familiarize themselves with all musical instruments, so that, upon graduating from “Vrapčići”, they will know all the instruments that make up an orchestra.

Music education classes are held in our kindergarten twice a week.

We also offer individual piano and singing lessons for the children.

Privatni Vrtić Vrapčići, Vračar, Beograd
Privatni Vrtić Vrapčići, Vračar, Beograd


  1. One of the weekly activities of our young ones is PLANTING.
    In the garden, they can touch the soil and seed, learn to distinguish between plants based on their color and size, sense different smells, and hear the different sounds insects make.
    The more extensive a child’s interaction with its surroundings, the greater the child’s life experience and the greater the vocabulary he/she uses to express and share their experiences with others.
  2. DRAWING, through play and in an interesting way, effortlessly stimulates and fosters the development of important skills, such as fine motor skills, attention, visual perception, body schema, hand-eye coordination, spatial planning on paper, visual memory, and others.
  3. Our Vrapčići also discover THE SECRETS OF ANCIENT CRAFTS! The world goes round, and you can shape it as you like. Working with clay has always been a source of great delight in children. By handcrafting ceramic objects through play, children use their creativity to achieve harmony of body and mind.
  4. We also teach children games that were popular when we were young, such as dodge ball, Red Rover (octopus tag), hopscotch…
  5. OUTINGS are an integral part of our kindergarten, as they present breaks for children from the everyday of the kindergarten, and children always look forward to them.
    Outings are opportunities for children to gain new knowledge and new information, together with their kindergarten friends.
    This is also where children get to meet people of different professions and vocations. Thus, outings can awaken in children the desire to try their hand at something new, to test and showcase their skills and talents, or to start imagining themselves in the future as doctors, professors, scientists, architects...
  6. ...
Privatni Vrtić Vrapčići, Vračar, Beograd

We could go on and on like this, because every week we design a distinct activity plan for our little ones, which we then post on the kindergarten website, publicly available to the parents.


Special attention is given to the children’s healthy diet regime, because, beside physical activity, this is the basis of both their health and their academic progress. The diet in our kindergarten is based on healthy and tasty products obtained from certified producers. We put a lot of care into the food we offer to children.

Our chef, with whom we’ve been cooperating for many years, creates our menus under the supervision of a licensed nutritionist.

The daily menu is adapted to the children‘s age and the caloric value of the meal. Our emphasis is on fruits and vegetables, as well as fish.

We use low-fat foods, and place a lot of importance on children developing an understanding of the food they eat, and why it is important to eat a fresh carrot every now and then.

The complete diet in our private kindergarten is divided into 4 meals, and it includes a healthy breakfast and snack (porridge and fruit), soups, cooked meals and salads. Fried and artificial meals have been excluded from the diet.

The menu is varied every week, and is available on kindergarten website.
Privatni Vrtić Vrapčići ishrana dece, Vračar, Beograd


  • The space for our little sparrows has been furnished tastefully and with plenty of love, with appealing furniture, equipment, toys, tableware, and greenery – all in order for the child to feel happy and comfortable in our kindergarten.
  • Our staff consists of young professionals with experience in education and with true passion for their work, people who strive for progress every day and who are dedicated to making the learning process interesting and successful for the children.
  • We offer 3 kindergarten work types:
    1. Kindergarten stay for children aged between 2 and 7 years 7:30 - 18:00.
    2. Evening stay 18:00 - 22:00.
    3. Overnight in kindergarten 18:00 - 10:00 at the weekends and 18:00 - 8:00 on weekdays.
  • Frequent public performances and appearances throughout Belgrade – active participation of the children in the cultural life of the city
  • The site of the kindergarten is fully enclosed with a fence on all sides, and entry is through a double set of doors at the gate; everything is covered by video surveillance, so the safety of your children is guaranteed.
  • In collaboration with the "Zdravo dete" (“Healthy Child”) recreational center, we are able to offer your children salt-water swimming-pool sessions twice a week, as an additional activity.
  • You don’t reside in Vračar? You live in Voždovac, Dedinje, Savski venac, Novi Beograd... No problem!
  • We offer "door-to-door" transportation of children from anywhere in Belgrade. The transport of children is carried out in full compliance with the relevant regulations and safety measures.

We have carefully studied and taken into account parents’ interests and wishes to create a special program for your child, so that there is no need for parents to arrange for ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES for their child OUTSIDE THE KINDERGARTEN. All these activities, crucial for a child’s development, are taught at Vrapčići by THE VERY BEST REPRESENTATIVES in each respective field.

Mothers and fathers keep abreast of the growth and progress their “little ones” are making in kindergarten through the following:

  • dialogue with parents
  • regular child progress reports and ongoing progress records
  • direct dialogue with educators and expert associates

During the learning process, children are not criticized, because every child in each educational group is entitled to their own view of the world. At the same time, however, we work with the child’s family to ensure that shared values are cultivated in terms of upbringing, both in the kindergarten and in the family.


Always with a smile, and the smile says it all ❤




Fine motor skills


Learning English


Exploring our surroundings

Dear Parents,

Our OPEN HOUSE appointments work around your schedule. Leave your number in the contact form below, or give us a call to arrange a visit to our kindergarten, and to learn more about what we offer, and anything else you would like to know about Vrapčići. Our international kindergarten is located at Kornelija Stankovića 19, Vračar (Neimar). We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Make an appointment now, and see for yourself why we are the right choice for you and your child.
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