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Why German? This is an opportunity for your child to gain access to the German-speaking world from a young age, especially since Serbia enjoys a high level of cooperation with countries of the German-speaking area, such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Knowing this language will present a considerable advantage to your child when it comes to applying for numerous jobs, scholarships and foreign study programs. That's why it's better to start learning German as early as possible, as it's a complex language and it takes more time to learn.

We have therefore devised a special program to get your children interested in the spontaneous learning of German through playing and socializing. He/she will get acquainted with the melody of the language, the pronunciation, the basic vocabulary and phrases necessary in everyday communication. Through creative workshops, children adopt new words and learn the language without any difficulty. After attending “Vrapčići”, your child will have learned numerous new words in German, will have adopted colloquial German expressions, will be able to talk with a good accent, and will have expanded his/her horizons.

German lessons are held twice a week in our kindergarten.

German kindergarten in Belgrade
Learn German language - Internacional kindergarten in Belgrade
German language for kids - Internacional kindergarten Vrapčići Belgrade
German preschool in Belgrade

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