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Why? More than two billion people in the world speak English, and this number keeps growing every day. English is the dominant language of diplomacy, business, science, economy, information technology and the internet. English is also the language of art and culture, the film industry, music and books.

It is best if you start learning at the earliest age possible. The sooner your children start learning English, the sooner their self-confidence in communication will strengthen.

Learning English with us is spontaneous. We speak exclusively English with the children. We communicate in English, we play in English, we sing songs in English. Our educators demonstrate everything they talk about to the children. In this way, children learn to form sentences themselves, and eventually begin to speak English as naturally as their native language. Language learning through everyday communication, through discovery and play, enables children to master English with ease.

Investing in early English-language learning is meant to form a foundation for further learning and development in primary and secondary school, and of course at university. It is our wish that, following two years in “Vrapčići”, your child speak English almost as if he/she had grown up in an English-speaking country, that is, the same way a little Brit or American of the same age might.

English kindergarten in Belgrade
English preschool in Belgrade
 English is our first language! - Internacional kindergarten Vrapčići Belgrade

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