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Music is important for the development of every child. It affects the development of cognitive abilities and the development of an aesthetic relationship toward music and art. Musical activities can enhance communication skills, motor skills, concentration, sense of rhythm, the sense of hearing, and movement. It is therefore important to introduce music activities from an early age, and to ensure that children's encounters with music are realized through play. Through play, the child develops, learns and enriches his/her first experiences.

Our musical education program comprises numerous activities such as singing, rhythmics, playing instruments, learning about musical concepts, playing, listening to music, exploring, familiarizing oneself with instruments… We do all this while working with music that children love, and this is primarily popular music. The ultimate goal of this program is fostering children's interest in musical instruments, musical interpretation, and their love of music and art in general.

We would like to emphasize that children involved in music from a pre-school age tend to overcome problems encountered in play more quickly and with greater accuracy. Introverted children who have difficulty making social contact may find that musical activities enable them to express themselves, through song and play, to take part in activities and to develop community spirit. Children understand themselves and others better through music, and find it easier to express their emotions and develop self-confidence.

In our kindergarten, your children can attend individual piano and singing classes, as well as special music workshops.

Oleg Kireyev, world-famous saxophonist and the first Russian musician to combine ethnic jazz motifs with folk instruments, will help foster your child’s love of music. This passionate world-renowned artist, nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2007, will hold music workshops during which children will familiarize themselves with all musical instruments, so that, upon graduating from “Vrapčići”, they will know what instruments make up an orchestra.

Music education classes are held in our kindergarten twice a week.

Music education - Kindergarten Belgrade

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