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Dance and ballet lessons are held in our kindergarten by Principal Dancer and Director of the National Theater Ballet, choreographer, as well as Principal Dancer of the Ballet of the Shevchenko Theater in Kiev, Konstantin Kostyukov!

Children of pre-school age are extremely active, and therefore very responsive to rhythm and dance. For children, dance is the most natural medium of expression, one through which they acquire knowledge and skills, learn rhythmic movement and develop motor skills. In addition to creativity, dance can help children develop communication, concentration, memory, and self-discipline. In fact, dance can be said to affect the overall development of a child. A dance program positively affects the overall development of children and their sensitivity to music and art.

Dance and ballet with Konstantin Kostyukov - Kindergarten Belgrade
Dance and ballet with Konstantin Kostyukov - Kindergarten Vračar
Dance and ballet with Tamara Ivanović - Kindergarten Vrapčići
Dance and ballet lessons for kids


The aim of this program is to familiarize children of pre-school age with the world of dance through the techniques of classical ballet and rhythm, so that they develop agility, skill and harmony of movement. This is achieved through play, storytelling, and fun. By practicing together, children develop their sense of space, motor skills and sense of rhythm. Special attention is paid to the development of imagination, attention and concentration.

Our program includes basic gymnastic and ballet elements incorporated into an interesting choreography. Why?

Ballet and dance facilitate proper body development, strengthen the spine, back, stomach muscles and the complete musculature of the legs and arms. Ballet and dance encourage correct posture, eliminate slouching, and help correct flat feet in children. They positively affect coordination, concentration, memory, and discipline (both mental and physical), and develop one’s sense of rhythm, hearing, musicality and imagination.

The program is based on the methods of the renowned ballet pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova from St. Petersburg. Kostyukov thus transmits to the children in his class the methodology of the Russian classical form.

Ballet and dance classes with Konstantin Kostjukov are held in our kindergarten 2 times a week.

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