Acting classes in our kindergarten are held by Đorđe Kreća.

 Actor Đorđe Kreća holds acting classes with our little sparrows.

Children are natural-born actors. From the early months, they perform their vivid monologues and imagined dialogues. The drama group is an opportunity for children to free themselves of any performance anxiety and do what they already know how to do so well, namely swim in the infinite sea of the imagination. Her Imperial Majesty, the Imagination, the Empress of Childhood, is especially developed and comes to the forefront in drama workshops. It is here that, through various roles and dramatic situations, children express their thoughts and emotions, find solutions, and realize their own ideas. In this way they build confidence, and feel that they can embark into the unknown; this is a new challenge for them.

Acting classes in our kindergarten are held  twice a week.

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